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The best way to help your follower understand that you deserve their support, is to be an active supporter of their community. What makes your nonprofit stand out amongst the rest?

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After all, there are a lot of great causes out there. Showing off what makes your organization unique is a great way to connect with a passive follower scrolling through their news feed. Help your audience connect to the people, the tone, and the soul of your organization.

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The information that should be confidential and why. Is the safety of the staff and clients at stake if there is a confidentiality breach? Will you lose funding? Will you lose integrity and the trust of the community? What breaches of confidentiality look like.

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Give examples, either from real life or made up. Show offline and online examples. The individual consequences for ignoring this policy. What will happen? Will the offender get fired? Unpaid leave? Address Your Specific Community and Your Clients If you cater to teens and youth, your nonprofit has an ethical responsibility to protect against predators and inappropriate language or behavior online as well as offline. Train People on the Appropriate Use of Social Media Tools Your staff and volunteers already have social media accounts of some form or another.

11 Ways to Grow Your Nonprofit Social Media Followers

Topics to cover include Communications training — how all staff and volunteers represent the nonprofit, even via their personal accounts. What is appropriate to share and what is not on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, personal blogs, etc. Is fundraising OK? Promoting events?

Sharing articles relating to the nonprofit cause? Is identifying your location or "checking in" OK?

Community Centric Marketing

Think Facebook and Instagram. Encourage "Good" Sharing and Positive Participation on Social Media When formulating your social media policies, suggested questions to address include What will you encourage people to post on your nonprofit's Facebook page, and what is inappropriate? Will you enable picture tagging on your Facebook page, or will you shut that feature off?

Using Social Media to Advance Your Nonprofit

Will you let your clients interact in your online communities? Do they need to be anonymous? Can staff "friend" and follow clients on social media? Is that prohibited? In what circumstances may that be allowed, if ever? Sign up for the four-course social media bundle.

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