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This is the first modern study on Japanese erotic print art so called shunga , illustrating a large selection of the best works mainly from private collections in Europe and the USA. The pub shows highlights from the oeuvre of Kitagawa Utamaro, Katsushika Pages: Size: Quioto, anos Join Usagi Yojimbo in his hare-raising adventures of life and death. Watch as he faces assassins, medicine peddlers, bat ninjas, and more! This is a story of honor and adventure. It's a masterful adaptation of samurai legend to sequential art. Dark Horse Influential Japanese novelist Yasunari Kawabata has constructed an autobiography through his fiction with this new collection of stories that parallel major events and themes in his life.

In the lyrical prose that is his signature, these 23 tales reflect Bringing a dramatic moment of World War II to vivid life, author Stephen Krensky answers questions about the historic importance of the military action at Pearl Harbor. Written in simple yet clear language, the book teaches readers about the political Pages: 48 Size: After the war Tanikawa found Japan 's own poetic tradition insufficient to In the first comprehensive introduction to Japanese cooking for the U.

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Read or Die: Yomiko Readman. Break that union and the Three Countries will fall apart. He killed 2 gangsters for the woman he loves, for Makiko. The sensation of the murder on Koji's hands is still fresh. Now he's running from the police as well as the mob. Unlike your ordinary hero, Koji kidnaps a boy during his getaway. On his trail is " With crystalline intensity and precision, Otsuka uses a single family to evoke the deracination—both physical and emotional—of a The science fiction tale set in in Tokyo after the city was destroyed by World War III, follows the lives of two teenage friends, Tetsuo and Kaneda, who have a consuming fear of a monstrous power known as Akira.

Akira: 6 Volumes This series is Des Japonais parlent du Japon : le retour aux origines, Development of environmental protection in Japan. East Asia, v. South and South-East Asia, v. West Asia and North Africa. Die like the carp! Clarke and Company, []. Scott Miyakawa. Reischauer, John K. Fairbank, Edwin O.

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Reischauer, Albert M. Cape, Emperor Hirohito : a pictorial history. Dunn ; drawings by Laurence Broderick.

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Batsford, []. Antony's papers ; no. Dorson ; illustrated by Yoshie Noguchi. Tuttle Co. Kitagawa and Alan L. Former German possessions in Oceania. Stationery Office, Baron Kato. French Possessions in India. Wasisto Surjodiningrat. Gazetteer of the Japanese Empire : containing place names from the Japanese hydrographic charts and sailing directions on issue in Barker, , c Giappone : rivista trimestrale a cura del centro di studi di cultura Giapponese - Roma.

Godine, c Fischer, Henry L.


B, no. Endacott ; edited and with additional material by Alan Birch. How did the Korean War begin? Allen ; with a commentary by Yukihide Okano. How the North China affair arose. Booth and T.

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Fukuda, Goodman, compiler. Morgan Young. Davies ; with a foreword by Colonel J. Jun Tanaka. Is Japan a great power? Black, Japan : enemy or ally? Macmahon Ball. Hall, Jr. Hoffman, G. Etzel Pearcy. Van Nostrand, c Japan : International House of Japan Library acquisition list, Scott Morton. Japan : some phases of her problems and development ; Japaneses traits and foreign influences.

Japan : militarism, fascism, Japanism? Japan and a Pacific free trade area. Arnold, Piggott ; translated by Oswald White. Japan and world trade; the years ahead. Dent, Silberman and H. Harootunian ; contributors, Gail Bernstein Hall and Toyoda Takeshi, editors. Forbis ; foreword by Senator Mike Mansfield. Lewe van Aduard ; with a foreword by John Foster Dulles. Nijhoff, Reischauer ; foreword by Sir George Sansom. Milward ; with an introduction by G. Norbury, Tuttle, c Smith and Richard K.

Japanese diplomacy in a dilemma : new light on Japan's China policy, Kutakov ; edited with a foreword by George Alexander Lensen. Japanese gardens and architecture. Center of Applied Linguistics, Bles, Weatherhill, Japanese plays, versified. Humphries, c Japanese recognition of the U.

Byron Earhart. Culbertson and Kimura Michiko. Japanese culture in the Meiji era ; v. Japanese studies in the United States : a report on the state of the field, current resources, and future needs. Butow ; foreword by Edwin O. Praeger, Herbert Norman. Morrow, Jenkins, Deutsch, Ballon, editor, contributors, Teisuke Akamatsu Kanji abbreviations variants and equivalents. Ponsonby-Fane ; with a foreword by Izuru Shimmura. Le rideau de verre entre l'asie et l'europe.

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Milani, Lectures on Japan : What the league of Nations has done and is doing. The use and study of foreign langueges in Japan. Reminiscences of childhood. Two exotic currents in Japanese civilization. An unfinished translation of. Les origines : essai d'histoire ancienne du Japon.

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Martin ; 1. L'histoire pour tous, no. Legrand ; [pref. Guillaume et Cie ;. Etherton and H. Hessell Tiltman. Co, c Tanin, E. Yohan ; with an introduced by Karl Radek.

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Lawrence, Schiffrin, editor. Roberts ; foreword by Chitoshi Yanaga. Modern Japan : a brief history from A. Modern Japanese management. Japanese series. More queer things about Japan : to which are added "The Letters of Will. Adams," written from Japan, , reprinted by special permission from the papers of the Hakluyt Society, and "A Life of Napoleon," written and illustrated by Japanese in. Treherne, My adventures with the I.

Palta ; foreword by General Mohan Singh. Narrative of the expedition of an American squadron to the China seas and Japan, under the command of Commodore M.

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Hawkes ; abridged and edited by Sidney. Morris ; with an introduction by Maruyama Masao. Naval surgeon : revolt in Japan, : the diary of Dr. Barnes ; introduction by Allan Nevins. A history of Japanese theater ; 1. Oh, Japan! Schnapper ; with an introduction by Baron Erik Palmstierna. Organizing for the Rowlatt Satyagraha of : who knows how it all came about? Navarrete, Papers on Japan : from seminars at Harvard University. Scalapino and Junnosuke Masumi.

Party in power; the Japanese Liberal-Democrats and policy-making. Dunn ; principal collaborators Annemarie Shimony, Percy E. Corbett, Bernard C. Craig and Donald H. Johnson and Phyllis Reichl, McKay Co. Ward ; contributors, Ardath W. Contributors : John Whitney Hall Politics and government in Japan. Blackwood and sons, Portuguese Possessions in India. Hamilton, Post-war democratization in Japan.

Princeton papers in East Asian studies. Japan 1. Information Agency, Special Materials Section. Proceedings of the British Association for Japanese Studies. Packard III. Ikoma, under the auspices of the East-West Center.