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This is why much of the reforms they proposed, though revolutionary in itself, were not enough to liberalise India's economy. Most people defined as homeless in India live in informal settlements, with vague property titles, if any. In the absence of clear property titles, they are not able to use their property as collateral when they apply for, say, a home loan. They would also not be able to sell the land on which their property stands to corporations, even when their property could have fetched them a fortune, if it had clear titles.

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In many cases, people live in illegal settlements because the bureaucratic process to obtain legal titles is too time consuming, expensive and mind-numbing. This encourages unaccounted property transactions.

If residents of, say, Dharavi slum in Mumbai were given clear property titles, they would be able to be part of the formal economy and sell their assets at the market value. In , newspapers reported that some residents expect their shanty, in the Dharavi slum, to fetch them more than Rs 1 crore.

If slum dwellers had formal property titles, they would have been able to fetch much larger amounts of money. Acting locally. The Maharashtra state government has been trying to tackle the problem through slum redevelopment schemes. They have rehabilitated about , households so far.

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How to make it as a designer the easy way. Just kidding. There is no easy way.

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