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It is her passion and her life. From working with audit te Authors other products. Paradise bundle This is books of the series. Each book will be added to your book shelf, but will not be listed Tempting the Bears Thirty days in the cabin of her dreams with two hot Scots. What could possibly go wrong? Thirty days A Christmas in Paradise Life takes an unexpected turn when Evie travels to the snowy Montana mountains to spend the holidays Highland Bears bundle This is books of the series. Then they went into hiding from the powerful Genetics Council that created them and kept sending mercenaries after them.

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Though at thee end of the book, they came out to the Media and to the government in hearings about how they were created an tortured. Now, they have connected with over a hundred other feline breeds and are working to connect with som wolf breeds and are living at a huge plantation in Virginia that the Government provided for them with CIA support and trying to keep it fortified against attacks from the Genetics Council and any groups against genetically altered species.

This book is about Taber and Roni who first met when the original family from book 1 was in hiding. Taber found Roni when she was 11 and protected her often. She work at his auto Mechanic Garage from the time she was 16 Till she was 22 and they were attracted to each other. They were almost together but someone got in the way. The romance is beyond steamy. And the plot keeps you interested throughout. There are over 30 of these Breeds books overall. Not all of them are feline breeds.

I can see myself wanting to read quite a few if not all of them. However, they are not cheap or on Kindle Unlimited. I hope they go on sale every now and then. Sep 25, Amyiw rated it did not like it Shelves: pnr , erotic , x , series , second-chance. The premise is so close to Laurann Dohner's New Species. I believe Dohner probably had read it before writing it but wow, what an improvement. Reading this makes me appreciate New Species a lot. I can even forgive the idiotic extremist in that series and their antics, when reading this. The plot is so, so simplistic.

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The erotica is so sickeningly floral, along with very crude. And in the end the first couple of times, it is definitely, drugging and rape just as Taber called it so. The plot, she lets him know that she's left messages, lots, and he had none. Even the police left messages and had to go get him.

Obviously message from her are getting deleted by someone. So they get hot and heavy, he leaves and says, "if you are here when I get back, we will finish it". He doesn't come back we have no idea why but his brother has a note from him, rejecting her. She doesn't confront him? No, no. And then later, we find that he receive a note from her also. Again, are they both idiots? When you know someone is deleting her message and doesn't want you close to her? Then when the mating drug he gives her thorough saliva makes them fuck, they don't confront the issue, not the first time, not the second time, not even the 3rd.

Now telling me what is up with your cock, what is wrong with you dick? They fuck like bunnies and are pissed off at one another, yet they don't ask, why? NO, no, no. Very bad plot point that is drawn out. So along with him giving her the drugging kiss and her saying "I can't do this" and him rutting her from behind. Even he admits that he drugged and rapped her the first time. Yeap, I agree. I could forgive that as the hormones and her smell saying yes, pushes at his instincts And then the ending, well the last chapter is just a lead in to Meriuses brother's book, so just skip that, though it looks like it could be interesting.

But the actually ending and conflict at the end with a big reveal, meh. First the father is just too much a uber-evil.

Bastien (Hidden Breeds, #1) by Tianna Xander

Yet, he is a sorry excuse. We always are thinking, what is he planning? OoooKay, not really complex like she's trying to make it. He somehow, an old man, over powers his breed guard and gets to Roni.

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Then he goes into this, "I'll tell you who your really father is" spiel. Taber, or anyone else, didn't bother to tell her. Also, why the hell keep him? Why not just bury him out back, he obviously deserves it and there is no love lost with Roni. He had already risked her by telling the media in the beginning. It is HIS fault the house is gone.

Then there is the sex. I kept on coming back to that scene and this is how I felt when I come across the sex scenes. They are so floral and descriptive with imagery that borders on idiotic, several comparative adjectives in each phrase. Dripping Cunt. Quaking Cunt. Soul destroying release Lightning arced from her pussy through her womb, sizzling beneath her skin as it streaked through her body, throwing her higher, driving her closer to destruction The agonizing pleasure seared through her body, electrifying nerve endings, taking her breath as the sensations piled, one atop the other, drowning her in their force.

I mean here there is nothing you can do in English, there is no great word choice as we like to curse with most, but pick one and use it, like cunt, pussy, vagina, etc Explanation not spoiler She went for mostly pussy, cunt and vagina and threw in sheath a couple of times. I usually get used to the word an author decides to use in a book, but by using so many, I just felt like it was crude. For a regular reader of erotica and romance with descriptive scenes , I still was almost offended at points. Actually at one point Taber calls her "his girl" in a way that I found very demeaning and I was offended.

Really didn't like it, in any way. Oct 30, Holly rated it it was amazing Shelves: lora-leigh-breeds. Taber, a genetically modified male, takes off one night trying to blow off some aggression. Instead he finds a little girl who is lost and alone in the woods and he knew he had found something special. Under his watchful, protective eye, Roni blossomed into a sensual, fascinating young woman that Taber was determined to keep away from, just as his animal side craved more.

Finally giving in to the inevitable, he accepts Roni's declarations of love and marks her as his own. Unfortunately, a traitor within his family rips them apart and the pain of their separation keeps this mated couple forever in need. Taber was determined this time to stay away from Roni but when news of her 'mating mark' is revealed on national television and she comes under the scrutiny of the Council his animal DNA comes roaring to life and he takes what should have been his over a year ago. He completes the mating ritual and enfolds Roni into the Pride, determined to subdue this little wildcat once and for all.

His dominating presence is not enough to bring her to her knees however, because this time, Roni is going to settle for nothing less than his heart and his soul. Taber and Roni was an excellent pairing of personalities. Both had a dominating presence and both knew betrayal from those closest to them. Taber's need to dominate Roni into submission was met with equal ferocity by her. She stood up to him and didn't let him bully her.

Roni knows she's going to submit to him but she's also going to make him work for each and every inch she allows him to make. She taunts Taber and when he answers her challenge, it is delicious! The worldbuilding of the Feline Breeds is tighter than Tempting The Beast and since a lot of it was already in place, it allowed for Lora Leigh to introduce more characters. While Taber and Roni are still the central characters of this book, Lora Leighs allows for a broader view of the Breeds and their world which is very enjoyable.

It made everything seem richer and more fleshed out. The sex in this story was also a lot better than Tempting The Beast as well. Some of the descriptive passages are toned down, while still being erotic and scorching. We just lost some of the squishiness that I felt held a little too much information. I highly recommend The Man Within as one heck of a steamy read and a fine addition to the Feline Breeds series.

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Sep 28, Jane Stewart rated it it was ok Shelves: erotic-paranormal-romance. This is book 2 in the Feline Breeds series. The Breeds were tortured, experimented upon and kept in captivity, but eventually escaped. Roni is human. Taber, a Breed, is part tiger or other large cat. He has known and helped Roni for years as she grew up in a troubled home environment. His note to her said that she was too young and not the kind of woman he needed.

Her note to him said she found him too rough, crude and frightening and she wanted someone who treated her softly. They each were hurt and went their separate ways. This conflict continues for more than half of the book. We then learn that Dayan forged both letters and delivered them to both Roni and Taber, for the purpose of breaking them up. I did not enjoy this conflict at all. A simple phone call saying I got your letter, goodbye would have exposed the forgery and avoided the conflict. The conflict was based on inaccurate assumptions, which is one of my pet peeves.

Later, when they do get together, they have sex at least twice before they discover that the letters were false. For her own safety, Roni is staying with Taber and other Breeds. A subplot involves her father trying to kidnap her to turn her over to enemies of the Breeds. Number of sex scenes: seven, some several pages long.

Setting: Sandy Hook, Kentucky and Virginia. Being an "X-rated" period of his life that the Doctor resisted, this halted the ingestion. When the Eleventh Doctor entered into the T'keyn Nexus in order to defend himself, Matrix projections of his previous incarnations appeared inside it to defend themselves as well, though the War Doctor decided not to defend himself, leaving it to the Eighth Doctor to defend his actions in the Time War. When the Eleventh Doctor began to deduce Sondrah's true identity, the past Doctors faded away as Oscar Wilde interfered with the Nexus.

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A doleful-looking Doctor within the Doctor's time stream. TV : The Name of the Doctor. When the Eleventh Doctor entered his time stream to save Clara Oswald , he encountered his war incarnation, who he described as "[his] secret".

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The War Doctor reminded his future self that the action he took was in the name of peace and sanity; though not in the name of "the Doctor". As the Doctor carried an unconscious Clara away, the War Doctor turned around and watched them with a sombre stare. The War Doctor appears in the Eleventh Doctor 's dream. Ultimately, the Doctor remembered the true result of the Time War.

After reassessing the War Doctor, his tenth incarnation declared that the war incarnation had been "the Doctor more than anybody else", while the eleventh incarnation noted that the War Doctor was "the Doctor on the day it wasn't possible to get it right". They forgave their war incarnation and themselves for the atrocities they committed and honoured him by addressing him as Doctor again. Later, as the Eleventh Doctor dreamed about his search for Gallifrey, he included his war incarnation alongside his ten other predecessors in the dream, further showing his acceptance of the War Doctor.

The War Doctor appears in the Twelfth Doctor 's memory.

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While the Twelfth Doctor was on the planet Eed'n , he became infected with pollen from the plants and possessed by the entity that controlled all of Eedin's plants , but he was able to fight off the possession by summoning the memories of his past incarnations, such as the War Doctor. When he was exposed to energy from a time storm , the Twelfth Doctor degenerated through all of his previous incarnations, including the War Doctor.

The Doctor prepares to use the Moment to end the war against the Cybermen. When the Cybermen allied with Rassilon to take over history, the War Doctor fought the Time War against the Cybermen, ultimately detonating the Moment inside the barn as it was surrounded by Cybermen. The Doctor's traumatised reaction when shown a glimpse of the suffering on Gallifrey.

AUDIO : The Eternity Cage He would show great irritation, and even extreme bouts of anger, if anyone called him by his former title, especially if they did so after he committed what he considered an atrocity. Rather than a "good man", the War Doctor saw himself as a "lost cause" that did what was necessary to end a "sorry chapter of cosmic history", as it was his "reason for being.

AUDIO : Pretty Lies However, he would immediately turn apologetic when he realised that he had stepped out of place, AUDIO : The Innocent and considered himself on the side of the collateral in the war, with the idea of having to sacrifice innocents weighing heavily on him. During his first years fighting in the Time War, the Doctor saw the conflict as "a challenge to overcome", and showcased an arrogant and egotistical persona, not unlike his sixth incarnation. He made puns in the face of the Morlontoa , and viewed himself as "handsome", "brilliant", and "modest", though Fey Truscott-Sade instead described him as "irritating".

Following the loss of Fey, the Doctor came to see the war as a "tragedy to face". As he grew older, the Doctor wanted the war to end, but felt it was his duty to continue to fight and play his part. The War Doctor could be cagey and cranky, but would return the kind treatment he received from those who did not antagonise him if he was in a good enough mood.