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Green rust formation controls nutrient availability in a ferruginous water column. Geology 40 , — Wiesli, R. Halevy, I.

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Sulfur dioxide inhibits calcium carbonate precipitation: implications for Mars and Earth. Beukes, N. Carbonate petrography, kerogen distribution, and carbon and oxygen isotope variations in an early Proterozoic transition from limestone to iron formation deposition, transvaal supergroup, South Africa. Tosca, N.

A key role for green rust in the Precambrian oceans and the genesis of iron formations

An authigenic origin for Precambrian greenalite: implications for iron formation and the chemistry of ancient seawater. Bruno, J. On the influence of carbonate in mineral dissolution: II. Acta 56 , — Grotzinger, J. New constraints on Precambrian ocean composition. Ona-Nguema, G. Iron II, III hydroxycarbonate green rust formation and stabilization from lepidocrocite bioreduction.

Tamaura, Y. Kwon, S. Influence of silicate ions on the formation of goethite from green rust in aqueous solution. Hansen, C. Bachan, A. The rise of oxygen and siderite oxidation during the Lomagundi Event. USA , — Loyaux-Lawniczak, S. Hyperfine Interact.

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Rowe, C. Physical sedimentology constrains the primary precipitates in banded iron formations. Goldschmidt abstract. Bethke, C. Johnson, J. Geochemical modeling of evaporation processes on Mars: insight from the sedimentary record at Meridiani Planum. Earth Planet. Rickard, D. Chemistry of iron sulfides. Warming the early Earth—CO 2 reconsidered. Space Sci.


Crowe, S. Sulfate was a trace constituent of Archean seawater. Science , — Siever, R. The silica cycle in the Precambrian. Acta 65 , — Drissi, S. The preparation and thermodynamic properties of Fe II -Fe III hydroxide-carbonate green rust 1 ; Pourbaix diagram of iron in carbonate-containing aqueous media. Haynes, W. Parker, V. Data 24 , — Refait, Ph. Olowe, A. Gayer, K. Downs, R. Elderfield, H.

Mid-ocean ridge hydrothermal fluxes and the chemical composition of the ocean. Ganachaud, A. Improved estimates of global ocean circulation, heat transport and mixing from hydrographic data.


Millero, F. The oxidation kinetics of Fe II in seawater. Acta 51 , — Druschel, G. III Low-oxygen and chemical kinetic constraints on the geochemical niche of neutrophilic iron II oxidizing microorganisms. Acta 72 , — Anbar, A. The photochemistry of manganese and the origin of banded iron formations. Hotinski, R. Paleoceanography 15 , — Sleep, N. Carbon dioxide cycling and implications for climate on ancient Earth.

Kump, L. Hydrothermal Fe fluxes during the Precambrian: effect of low oceanic sulfate concentrations and low hydrostatic pressure on the composition of black smokers. Download references. We thank N. Tosca for valuable comments. Correspondence to I.

To obtain permission to re-use content from this article visit RightsLink. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Geobiology Precambrian Research Halevy set up experiments in which he and his team recreated, as closely as possible, the conditions of the ancient, oxygen-free, Precambrian ocean. They found that green rust not only forms under these conditions, but that when left to age, it transforms into the minerals found in Precambrian iron formations -- a combination of iron-bearing oxides, carbonates, and silicates.

Could green rust have been a main vehicle for settling iron out of seawater? Halevy and his team developed models to depict the iron cycle in Earth's early oceans, including the possibility of green rust formation and competition with other mineral shuttles of iron to the seafloor. Their findings suggest that green rust was probably a major player in the iron cycle.

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The iron in the green rust later transformed into the minerals we can now observe in the geologic record. Materials provided by Weizmann Institute of Science. Note: Content may be edited for style and length. Science News. Journal Reference : I. Halevy, M. Alesker, E. Schuster, R. Popovitz-Biro, Y.

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A key role for green rust in the Precambrian oceans and the genesis of iron formations. Nature Geoscience , ; DOI: ScienceDaily, 31 January Weizmann Institute of Science. A rusty green early ocean?. Retrieved October 7, from www. In theory, those bursts should have turbo-charged