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Legends of the Amazons proliferated in the ancient world — women warriors of the Steppe who travelled on horseback and cut off one breast so that they were not impeded from drawing back their bows. Penthesilea, queen of the Amazons, led her women into the midst of the Trojan War, and was admired by Achilles for her ferocity: he sought her out in battle, and even at the moment of her death, their eyes met and he fell in love. Thus sexuality and the warrior woman became intertwined. The pattern persists in Roman literature. Dido of Carthage, Cleopatra of Egypt and Boudica of Britain all held positions of power that were not limited on the basis of sex.

Paradoxically, Roman authors used their stories as evidence of innate female weakness and an inability to lead. Images of such women minimised their ability to lead through sexualising the female form, including a personified Britannia cowering from the emperor Claudius.

The representation of a province as a sexualised, dominated female body is common in monuments and on Roman coinage. Boudica also spelled Boadicea or Boudicca , queen of the Iceni in Britain, provides a case study for the reception of women warriors. She encapsulated the idea of the warrior queen from the time of her revolt in the 1st century, and maintains a towering presence today. Boudica survives in the accounts of two Roman historians: Tacitus, writing in the late 1st and early 2nd century CE, and Cassius Dio, writing a century later.

Her story creates a parallel between different views of gender equality held by the Romans and the Britons, and the dichotomies of empire and colony, power and subjugation.

I n the Roman accounts, Boudica fought for freedom from the Romans, a colonial oppressor she viewed as greedy and immoral. The Romans beat her and assaulted her daughters. No urban centre existed in East Anglia, the area occupied by the Iceni, and archaeological evidence suggests a conformity with Iron Age expectations.

The Musketeers episode 7 review: A Rebellious Woman

Families lived in settlements of thatched timber roundhouses, not towns, and upheld an agricultural economy. Hoards of gold, silver and electrum jewellery and other items attest to their wealth, including hundreds of torcs, intricate neck rings that were markers of wealth or status; ritual deposits of this material were buried at sites of religious importance.

The Iceni had their own coinage, and did not use many imported goods. Thus they were able to remain separate from the political, social and commercial activities of Roman towns and colonial settlements that cropped up in Britain after the Roman invasion of 43 CE. Their unfortified homes and decentralised areas of occupation were ripe for plunder by the invading army. Nevertheless, it is clear that the Roman occupation questioned the authority of her family and their local position of power. Her response to the Romans followed a primal instinct to avenge her daughters.

However, her call to action instigated uncontrolled violence on the part of her army, initiating a vengeful response by the Romans that endangered all Britons. The actions of her army were used in part to justify the need for Roman control. In spreading their empire, the Romans also aimed to transform those perceived as barbarians into complacent subjects. The Britons also learned to desire the eloquence of Latin, to wear the toga, and to receive Roman citizenship, but were drawn to the vices of the bath and fine dining. Tacitus concludes that this acculturation was part of their servitude.

But the question of servitude remains: the Romans took their dues in taxes and lives, and engineered the environment to become Roman.

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This imperial agenda met with particular resistance from those whose positions in society were eliminated, including Boudica, the warrior queen. Had Boudica accepted Roman rule and altered her life to suit that of her conquerors, she might have been recognised after death for her more conventional qualities. An honorific epitaph for Boudica in Roman terms would have been composed following a formula based on a Roman understanding of normative gender roles: she would have been identified in relation to a man wife of Prasutagus , noted for her success as a mother she bore two children , and praised for her domestic virtues for example, that she kept house and made wool.

As a figure of resistance, she requires a different memorial. Boudica revolted in the generation before Agricola arrived in Britain. Her ancient portrait brings attention to questions of gender and power in the ancient world, as well as the impact of a colonial power on her subjects.

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After suffering at the hands of the Romans, Boudica united the Britons and took her revenge. Thousands of Britons marched towards the Roman provincial capital at Camulodunum Colchester and burned it to the ground, before advancing on Londinium London and Verulamium St Albans. They tortured their prisoners and took no spoils, perhaps aware that their victory would be short-lived.

Before the final battle, she speaks to her warriors, using her personal injury to galvanise an entire people to action. As one woman among many, she calls for justice on behalf of all those assaulted by the Romans. New to historical fiction. What are some good science fiction novels with good depth of plot and character development? Readers Also Read Mae Burton. Toby Alone Timothee de Fombelle. Superman: Red Son Mark Millar. Never Mind. Edward St.

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Me Since You Wiess, Laura. Mentioned Recommendations. As requested by her father, I had come to talk some sense to this rebellious girl. It already appeared like an uphill battle.

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Nevertheless, I sat down beside her. After a long uncomfortable silence, I apologised. But at that moment, I knew an apology was my only option. As I said this in a soft spoken voice, tears rolled down her rosy cheeks.

A Rebellious Lady by Gail Mallin

With gentle affection I caressed her hair. She stopped crying. No words.

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Sometimes words are unnecessary if the feelings are genuine. And my feelings were genuine. For all her stubbornness and rebellious manners, I had a profound affection for Tibrata. I knew she was a lonely girl and was yearning for love and affection.

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  5. Tibrata came back to school the next day onwards. Her hot temper was gone and so was her rebelliousness. She was a completely different girl. She also appeared more at peace with herself. The most surprising part, she had become this very hardworking and dutiful student. She ended up securing 91 percent in SLC examination. What had wrought such a legendary transformation in Tibrata? Everybody asked me that question.