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But then Frederica's path crosses that of the glamorous new dorm mother at Dewing, Laura Lee French, the antithesis of the Hatches.

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And with Laura Lee comes the best gossip in the history of the college—she is David Hatch's ex-wife. When Frederica learns the surprising news, she can't stop imagining the maternal road not taken, wondering if she was born into the wrong side of the divorce.

Fearing scandal, the three Hatches and Laura Lee are forced to keep their history a secret, and havoc and hilarity ensue. From the publisher.

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I had saluted and indulged her quirks because unconventional behavior was the foremost quality I had been raised to admire. But now it seemed so undeniable and diagnosable: that Laura Lee French was, professionally speaking, nuts. Here Frederica becomes something of a dorm mascot, and for the first seven years of her life, her bedroom is a converted utility cupboard.

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Frederica finds it almost impossible to fit this new information about her parents into her life schema. Circumstances bring the mysterious, worldly and glamorous Laura Lee French to the Dewing College campus when she lands employment as an improbable dorm mother. Her red-gold hair was long and beribboned in Alice-in-Wonderland Style. She wore sunglasses despite the dim lighting and was dressed in a leotard and matching wraparound skirt.

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  • Rumors of glamourdom were further fueled by her luggage, two steamer trunks which left the impression that she had been on the stage. Soon Frederica finds herself in the centre of a scandal involving another secret adulterous affair, family politics, and even an attempted suicide. The biggest problem with the novel is in its protagonist, Frederica.

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    Ultimately, Frederica is the one of the wisest characters in the novel, and certainly one of the most endearing—and for the most part, I simply forgot that she was just sixteen. When that fact reared up and caused a moment of disbelief, I soon found myself submerged in the delightful story once again. Elinor Lipman was born and raised in Lowell, Massachusetts.