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Object lists and syntheses sorted by type : Stationary: Still-lifes , Pseudo-still-lifes , Oscillators , Pseudo-oscillators , Guns. Moving: Basic spaceships and pseudo-spaceships , Exotic spaceships , Flotillae , Puffers and wick-stretchers. Pseudo-oscillators, sorted by period: 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 8 , 10 , 12 , 15 , 30 , 60 , other.

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Lists of naturally-occurring objects sorted by type, then in order of decreasing frequency of occurrence. Object sizes are determined by the number of bits in the smallest generation. Lists of still-lifes and pseudo-still-lifes up to 24 bits, period 2 oscillators and pseudo-oscillators up to 21 bits, and period 3 oscillators and pseudo-oscillators up to 20 bits have been generated or verified by computer search. Lists of higher-period oscillators and spaceships have also been generated up to bits, compiled and extrapolated from many sources, and tabulated by hand.

Lists of larger-period pseudo-oscillators and pseudo-spaceships have been extrapolated from the above. Lists of the through bit still-lifes and pseudo-still-lifes are omitted for lack of space. Any application that has need of this data would find it more useful in other forms. Also, explicit syntheses have only been attempted for still-lifes up to 15 bits, pseudo-still-lifes up to 16 bits, period 2 oscillators up to 18 bits, period 2 pseudo-oscillators up to 17 bits, and other oscillators and pseudo-oscillators up to 21 bits with some up to 25 bits.

Recording and contextualizing the science of embryos, development, and reproduction.

Many syntheses for larger objects also exist, but are arranged in an ad-hoc, rather than systematic fashion. The history of major changes to these pages is listed on a separate page. The information herein has been compiled by me, but is largely based on the work of many others. Attribution information is provided in general, but time and space do not currently permit individual attributions for the discovery and synthesis of each individual object.

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When I become aware of more information, I will try to add it to this site. Most Life patterns here are stored in RLE format, which supports additional comment information, but the database from which these patterns are derived is currently in a different format that does not support comments. I hope to eventually convert this the database to natively use RLE format, which will make it possible to add attribution information and other comments to each of the individual patterns themselves.

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I accept no responsibility for errors or omissions on these pages. While I have attempted to be as accurate as possible, errors and omissions do occasionally occur. Rely on the accuracy of the information contained herein at your own risk. Except for completeness of object lists, most of the technical information on these patterns is capable of self-verification. Synthesis files can be verified by running them in any Life program, seeing that the "before" and "after" images end up the same, and seeing that the inputs from any steps, other than gliders and basic spaceships, are supplied by previous steps.

Costs in gliders can be verified by counting the numbers of gliders and other spaceships used with each other spaceship being weighted by the cost in gliders of creating that kind of spaceship. Of course, syntheses here only provide proof of existence of syntheses, not optimality of those syntheses.

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