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15 Min Yoga for Beginners w/ Sean Vigue - Beginner Yoga for Weight Loss, Strength, Flexibility

She also writes and runs teacher training courses at Yogayama in Sweden. Saras varierade certifieringar och utbildningsrefarenhet.

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In this tradition of yoga, pranayama is maybe the most highly regarded tool to be used for creating a greater contact with the inner world and more subtle parts of us as human beings. Through regular pranayama we prepare the body and mind for further meditation practices. For the yogi, practicing pranayama means working with a group of breathing and cleansing techniques that will enhance health and that also, according to yogic tradition, have a more subtle effect on the vital life force known as prana itself.

The pranayama community is growing steadily in the world and in Stockholm as well.

Keeping up a regular practice is usually a challenge but can be supported by checking in with a teacher and meeting other fellow yogis with the same interest. Read more about where and when down below. We are looking forward to see you at some point during Meet some of the teachers that make up an integral part of the pranayama community of Sweden.

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