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Analyze your conversations on a deeper level. I think too often we simply have casual chit-chat with people and then we go about our business. It is easy for us to distract ourselves with Netflix, video games, and other things that allow us to not experience much of anything. What I am saying is to be different. Live a different type of lifestyle.

Walk to the beat of a different drum.

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There are endless topics and experiences you can write about but you have to get out there and experience things. These 3 things have been some of the most valuable lessons I have learned on my writing journey.

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I hope you learn from my mistakes and that your journey is every bit as fantastic as mine has been. It has been a truly eye-opening experience. Sign in. Get started. Brian Kurian Follow. Lesson 1 — Write For Yourself. The Writing Cooperative A writing community and publication focused on helping each other write better. Email: brian. The Writing Cooperative Follow.

A writing community and publication focused on helping each other write better. If 50 is the "new 30" and 40 is the "new 20," I'm not sure where I fit on the age spectrum, but as I mark the beginning of my personal new yaer I took some time to reflect on a few lessons that I've learned along the way. I've gleaned these nuggets through picking myself up after I've fallen; reading countless self-help books; watching TV and Oprah ; and by listening to my magnificent mom.

One thing is for sure, if you're lucky, with age comes wisdom, confidence and empowerment. Humans are a lot more alike than we are different. We all want to be loved, valued, and appreciated. There's something special to be said about anticipation.

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Even in the present it's nice to have something to look forward to. So live in the moment, but have something in your back pocket. You can't choose your family but you can choose your friends We are so much more than "what we do. All families have some type of dysfunction, drama or "that" relative so there's no need to be embarrassed or ashamed of your family.

Just because a person is your friend it doesn't mean you should travel with them. You can't travel with everyone. When you move in gratitude the realization of what you have to be thankful for is simply amazing and the experiences, people and things you have to be thankful for multiply. There will be crises All crisis are temporary and when put into perspective really first world problems. This too shall pass! The world is small It's astonishing how connected the world is.

There's something special about home, where and whatever you consider to be home. Yet, we recognize believing and doing can be different things.

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For us women tap this power through the support of a safe environment and culture where there is no room for degrading, minimizing or diminishing. Read more. A couple of years ago I had an experience that taught me a lesson which has stayed with me.

Life Lessons from the Youngest Person to Travel to Every Country - Lexie Alford - TEDxKlagenfurt

We had just hired a large group of women and our team was helping several of them address their basic needs, such as access to healthcare, transportation and housing. As the women were adjusting to their new routines and taking care of their immediate challenges, one woman, Gracilee, stood out. Read More.

35 Lessons Learned So Far on This Journey Called Life

This is the true purpose of our work. And yet, in the day to day, it can be easy for us to default to merely communicating what we do. Our social enterprise model creates a tension between the business and the mission that is in turn interesting, challenging and inspiring. The book tells the story of two kids with the same name who grew up in the same rough neighborhood. One went on to be a Rhodes Scholar, decorated combat veteran, White House Fellow, and business leader.

The other is serving a life sentence in prison.

Life's Unpredictable Journey: What Can We Learn From It?

What constitutes hope? What changes it? In its simplest sense, hope is a feeling of expectation or desire for something to happen.