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Deepening global crises surround us. We are beset by climate change, fracking, tar sands extraction, GMOs, and mass extinctions of species, to say …. New Society Publishers have decided to sell their ebooks without copy protection or DRM Digital Rights Management so that customers can enjoy full use of their ebook purchase.

Christian Healing in the Shadow of Modern Technology and Science

In return we expect our customers to respect this decision. Today's story is about your freezer, fridge and air conditioners. Look Inside Excerpt from book Table of contents. Related Subjects Social Responsibility. Nocella II.

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The pursuit of freedom and justice is a timeless effort, but new activists may not know where to begin, while more experienced ones often become … view title info. But the road to success for social movements is often complex, usually lasting many years, with … view title info.

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These are the milestones of the baby boomer generation Theodore Roszak chronicled in his breakthrough … view title info. Meet Tim Toben, who developed a high rise with the lowest energy consumption of any … view title info. We are beset by climate change, fracking, tar sands extraction, GMOs, and mass extinctions of species, to say … view title info.

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  7. First of all, as the Davidic king, Hezekiah functions as the mediator between the Lord and his people. Because of her continued unfaithfulness, Judah deserves to be wiped out. The approaching Assyrian army and the ill king in Jerusalem are two channels through which the Lord metes out judgment. There is some debate about the chronology, but it appears that Hezekiah was without an heir at this time.

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    Thus, Manasseh was not yet born. If Hezekiah were to die, the Davidic line would be broken off, and the glorious covenant God had made with David in 2 Samuel 7 would fail. Note the double reference to the Davidic covenant, and the accompanying promise of the deliverance of the city 2 Kings —6. In this light we must also understand the sign of the receding shadow v. Reading this story as Christians, we cannot escape the similarities between Hezekiah and Jesus Christ.

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    As the greater Son of David, he was crushed and put to grief by the Lord himself Is. This time the shadow of judgment was not retracted, but a thick darkness came over Calvary at midday. But 2 Kings 20 does not stop there. The second story recounts the grievous fall of Hezekiah.

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    I graduated with good marks and enrolled to study engineering. I want to become an engineer just like my father. Homs needs the energies and experiences of a young people, not only in terms of their study, but also in the social, psychological and humanitarian realms.

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    I am trying to expand my participation in this process; plus, given the gradual improvement of the situation, my participation in Church activities has picked up again. Still, we did not think about emigrating because we have strong commitments here and ties with our local community—the idea of emigration was totally unacceptable to my father.

    He feels rooted in the land and leaving Syria is not for him. Security, electricity and water have returned to Homs. Gradually, life has begun to return to the city; the streets and roads have returned to being a little congested—this holds the promise that tomorrow will certainly be better. Help Christians in the Middle East. Pray Offer a Mass Donate.