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Opportunity International raises funds from many sources and uses them to provide loans, training, and support services to our clients so they can build sustainable livelihoods. With these funds, we achieved significant growth in client impact across our global network in View the financials. When you sign up to receive email from Opportunity International, we'll keep you informed with updates, news, and stories from our work around the world.

We will never sell, rent, or exchange your email address with a third party. Read More. I see hope replacing despair. Hope fostering ambition. Ambition growing opportunities, which then make that hope a reality. Why am I so optimistic? The world is getting better, and Opportunity International is making signifi cant contributions toward its improvement. This year alone we served 5. Last year, while visiting Ghana, I met Linda. I learned that a few years earlier, she had been selling loaves of bread on the street from a basket on her head.

Linda received an investment loan from Opportunity. Today, she owns a factory producing thousands of loaves every day. Not only does Linda earn a steady income, but so do her employees, as well as other women to whom she sells wholesale. Linda challenged me to balance a board stacked with bread on my head.

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I quickly decided to leave the heavy lifting to the experts. Your support is not just the swipe of a credit card—it is a life transaction. Thanks to your support, we look to a future where everyone on the planet goes to bed with a full stomach and wakes up to a day fi lled with opportunities. It is an audacious goal, but Linda and countless others like her demonstrate that the end of extreme poverty is not only possible, it is within reach in our lifetimes.

When the Global Board was created in , one of our key promises to you was to make wise investment decisions. No sooner did we make that promise than it was tested. Our banks in Africa—originally established to fill a vast gulf in financial inclusion—were reaching a critical mass. We found ourselves at a crossroads asking: If we maintain sole ownership of our banks in Africa, given the associated costs and risks, are we most effectively marching toward our vision of helping people achieve a life free from poverty?

I am humbled by the company I keep on our Global Board. Their vast experience, intelligence and commitment to those living in poverty is second to none. We evaluated our delivery models around the world, ranging from non-owned partners to minorityand majority-owned institutions. We calibrated for trends in poverty reduction, economic growth, financial inclusion and the financial technology sector.

We contemplated models, partnerships and strategies that would catalyze our impact. Our overwhelming conclusion was that our focus should not be on exclusively operating banks; it should be on providing services that help people transform their lives and move out of poverty— using whatever delivery model is most effective in that region.

The reality is that continuing to be majority owners and principal managers of banks in Africa, an increasingly regulated environment with growing capital requirements, would inevitably pull us away from our mission rather than draw us closer. As pioneering bankers in Africa, we created new markets, new services, new competitors and new products.

We provided 39 million clients with access to financial services that they could not otherwise receive. You, our loyal supporters, have been invaluable in shaping the very landscape to which we must now respond. The Board and Management concluded that by standing still, we would lose the chance to vastly increase our client reach while simultaneously putting the organization at financial risk.

At the end of , we agreed to transfer majority ownership positions in our African banks to expert institutions that are better equipped to own and manage them, thus shifting our role to become strategic microfinance investors with minority equity positions and board involvement within those institutions. We are buoyed by the early wins that are proving our theory of change can be strengthened as it is refined. So we pray, we pivot, we proceed. Our work is flourishing in Latin America and Asia, a new frontier is upon us in Africa, and we are looking ahead toward a world in which all people have the opportunity to achieve a life filled with dignity, hope and purpose.

Opportunity International raises funds from many sources and uses them to provide loans, training, and support services to its clients so they can build sustainable livelihoods. We make grants, loans, and equity investments to our Implementing Members in 22 countries, which carry out these services. The Consolidated Statement of Activities includes charitable revenue and expenses, as well as the consolidated results of the commercial banks where Opportunity is the majority owner.

The Consolidated Statement of Financial Position includes the charitable assets and liabilities, as well as the assets and liabilities of the majority-owned banks. Certain reclassifications have been made to financial statements to conform to the presentation. View The Full Financials. Philanthropic groups and companies who provide financial support to further the Opportunity mission.

Individual contributors who are using their leadership and business skills to champion our cause, while also contributing significant financial support to help bring about life transformation across the globe. A community of philanthropic individuals who generously invest in the organization to help end extreme poverty. Without our supporters and partners, millions of people would not receive life-changing services from Opportunity each year. Our relationships are paramount to innovating solutions that change how—and how fast—people can work their way out of poverty.

We are forever indebted to those who partner with us and our clients through their companies, foundations, churches, and personal giving. For more than 24 years, we have partnered with the Caterpillar Foundation to serve people living in poverty in the most rural, remote areas around the world. Today, the results of this enduring collaboration are evident—farmers improve crop yields, entrepreneurs expand their businesses, and women provide for their families and send their children to school.

Today, nearly 1. School proprietors use School Improvement Loans to expand and improve classrooms, and parents use School Fee Loans to send their children to school, even when their income is unsteady. Through partnerships with Opportunity, cabi conitnued to empower over 3, women worldwide in Mastercard Foundation and Opportunity partnered for a fourth year to provide broader and more convenient financial access to over 1. Together, we are facilitating mobile banking, improving food security by investing in smallholder farmers, and increasing access to quality education through education finance tools.

MetLife Foundation and Opportunity partnered to provide financial services and training to rural farmers and entrepreneurs in northern Jiangsu Province, China. By supporting small and medium enterprises, we helped create job opportunities for some of the most disadvantaged communities in China.

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The program has created more than 23, much-needed jobs in rural areas. Cisco and Opportunity are working together to design and test digital tools for people in the most remote corners of the world. By connecting people living in poverty to these important resources, we are driving global financial inclusion. In , these innovative digital financial tools helped us reach 6.

ExxonMobil Foundation and Opportunity are working together to bring sustainable economic opportunities to female farmers in Mozambique. Through this partnership, women farmers have been connected to vital agricultural tools and tailored training on agricultural best practices and financial management. We are also providing training on good agriculture practices to smallholder farmers in Malawi and Mozambique, resulting in increased crop yields and incomes. Together, we are creating commercial opportunities for scaling financial services to the unbanked.

Year-over-year percentages were calculated using restated outreach numbers that only include active savings clients. Powering communities and spurring economic growth always starts by equipping local entrepreneurs with the financial tools and training to sustain and grow their businesses. Eighty-nine percent of our clients are women who are working hard to serve their children and families by taking out business loans, contributing to savings accounts, and becoming financially fluent through our training. Meera's community is nestled among the narrow alleys of Delhi. Winding through the pathways, you see women working long hours, selling small items and fabrics in the streets, with the hope of just putting food on their families' tables.

For years, Meera was just like her neighbors: she worked hard, but her tailoring business was too small to provide a steady income. However, she had a bigger vision—one that would eventually influence her whole neighborhood. Meera began working with Opportunity and started investing in her small business for the first time. She purchased additional sewing machines and began hiring her neighbors to work with her.

Now, Meera employs 50 additional women from her community—women who can now use their earnings to successfully support their own children and families. They are addressing personal needs through microloans and small businesses, but it goes beyond that. When they help improve businesses, it leads to increased opportunities for the whole community. Improving the community infrastructure—whether spiritual church , physical yucca processing plant or educational school and hotel —will impact families for generations to come.

Get inspired by our entrepreneurial clients. We increased our emphasis on education quality by launching a professional development program where peer groups of school owners and staff learn best-practice teaching methods, curriculums, and classroom management skills in Ghana, Uganda, and Rwanda. When Carmen Julie looked around her community 20 years ago, she saw families struggling with hunger, violence, and poverty. She only had one word to describe her neighborhood: "hard. So, she decided to do something about it. She started the Nueva Esperanza "New Hope" School in her home and began investing in children by teaching them.

With dreams of serving more students, she used a loan and training from Opportunity to build classrooms, hire teachers, and improve her facilities. Now, she employs 18 people and Nueva Esperanza serves children in grades K And Carmen Julie says she is just getting started.

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I had the privilege of seeing how Opportunity is creating meaningful impact on the education infrastructure in Africa through its loans to education entrepreneurs. Read about how microfinance can help fix the global education crisis. Nearly 9 out of 10 loan clients were either women who are providing for their families or youth apprentice farmers who are learning best practices so they can one day start their own farms. With a loan from Opportunity, Ned went from a small-scale farmer to an agriculture expert.

He used his loan to build a large irrigation system for his farm in Malawi, unlocking his own innovative capabilities and setting him on a path to success. He began growing sweet potatoes and soon started experimenting with ways to expand his new crop. Kevin Amgen Inc.

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