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Then there was the time when I got to mentor new nurses that came to our department. Or the time when I nailed a difficult IV start. That felt great! I finally had the clarity I needed to move forward! I knew that if I wanted to get to a new destination in my nursing career, I had to get clear on where I wanted to go. I then started to imagine what my dream job would look like.

Do you hate your nursing job? Here's how to fix that

As a school nurse, you are solely responsible for all the children in the school; you have to deal with irate parents, who do not wish to be bothered when their child is ill. The school nurse is responsible for maintaining all school health including immunization records, hearing and vision screenings, drug administration, and of course dealing with the everyday bumps and bruises that the children get. Many children have no health insurance and so use the school nurse for health services. Teen pregnancy is so prevalent that many of the high schools are forced to open daycare centers so their students would not have to drop out of school.

22. Diagnostic medical sonographer

The school nurse would therefore be responsible for those babies in the daycare center as well. In addition, did you know that the school nurse takes care of the faculty and staff at the school too? I had one instructor who was on hypertensive medication and yet still ran blood pressures that were dangerously high.

He was always in my office with headaches and palpitations. And did I tell you about the paperwork? You think paperwork is overwhelming in the hospitals? Try working in the state system. There is a form for everything.

5 Ways Hating Your Job Can Ruin Your Health (According to Science)

It does make you hate him or her, doesn't it? Anchors present news stories and introduce reporters who are in remote locations. They sometimes deliver analyses of various news stories. Many begin their careers as reporters and are well aware of what the reporters are experiencing out in the field. Most employers prefer to hire job candidates who have a bachelor's degree in journalism or mass communications. Political debates have become shouting matches filled with insults and half-truths instead of forums for political candidates to express opposing points-of-view.

Add that to politicians taking kickbacks, cheating on their spouses, and lying to their constituents. It's not hard to see why politicians have gained a bad reputation. Politicians are generally elected officials who run federal, state, and local governments.

21. Power-plant operator

They enact and carry out laws and make decisions about the distribution of public funds. Many lawyers enter politics, but anyone can become a politician as there is no formal training required. All it takes is the desire to influence the laws of the country or your city, town, or state. We like to think of nurses as angels of mercy but, every so often, one comes along who takes that image from our minds and replaces it with one of pure evil. If we didn't recognize that these were fictional characters, we might be unwilling to set foot in a hospital.

I love my job as a nurse – but I’m not sure how much longer I can carry on

Registered nurses RNs treat and educate patients and their families about medical conditions. They perform diagnostic tests and help analyze results. Licensed practical nurses LPNs , working under the supervision of RNs and doctors, care for sick, injured, convalescing, or disabled patients.

Jobs For Nurses Who Hate Nursing

Diploma programs are usually three years long. To work as an LPN, complete a state-approved training program that includes a combination of classroom study and supervised clinical practice.

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